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About Us

Here at Tickners Trailers Ltd we build everything to order in our own workshop in Cambridgeshire. Over the years we have grown our business steadily to become an enviable brand in the trailer industry. We believe it is our down to earth attitude and easy to deal with approach that has given us the edge. 

A Tickners Trailer is real value for money
Our box trailers are built including many extras that we feel are important and give the customer the best possible product ready to tow away and enjoy with confidence. 

British Manufacturing
Your trailer is built in our workshop using the best quality materials we have sourced from carefully selected suppliers all in the U.K.

Charities & Groups
We have been asked to build several box trailers for schools, scout groups and other youth organisations. We always "go that extra mile" for all of our customers.

Popular Choice
So, if you are looking for a trailer to help with your work or hobby, you would be "on the right road" by stopping by our website today! Our box trailers have been hugely popular with go karters, motorcycle clubs, hogroasters, event organisers, campers and disco or DJ businesses.

Type Approval
At each stage of the trailer build inspections are made to ensure that all our high standards are met. This is how we have passed all of the criteria required to meet the standard set by the new EU Regulations for Type Approval for trailers. We are very proud to hold the certifications for the regulations on all of the trailers that we build.

  • All of our trailers are whole vehicle type approved and comply with the current EU regulations
  • Great value for money, no hidden costs
  • Free advice and quotes
  • Superb choice of sizes, specifications, design options
  • Fabulous range of colours to compliment your business or club
  • Delivery service available to most of the UK for very reasonable rates.
  • Family business - friendly and customer focused "all the way"
  • Professional knowledge and experience
  • We actually enjoy what we do and our pride shows in our product
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