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Terms & Conditions

Please read before an order is placed.

If you have any concerns or queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

Terms and Conditions

Changes to the original order by the customer must be confirmed by email and acknowledged by Tickners Trailers Ltd. Cancelled orders by the customer may incur the loss of their deposit. This depends on any materials ordered by Tickners Trailers Ltd for the original build. All completion dates are approximate. Where possible Tickners Trailers Ltd will endeavour to meet customers’ deadlines. Due to supply of materials and any third party involvement within the build Tickners Trailers Ltd never guarantee a completion day and will NOT be held responsible in any way if a customers’ deadline is not met. Time slots are approximate due to weather, road conditions etc if Tickners Trailers Ltd are delivering the trailer. Tickners Trailers Ltd are not responsible for the trailer delivery or times in any way if a third party courier/delivery service is used either instructed by Tickners Trailers Ltd or by the customer. Tickners Trailers Ltd will give advice and help on towing issues. It is the customers’ responsibility to check their drivers licences on what they can tow, and the towing vehicles towing capacity. The towing vehicles electrics and tow bar are not the responsibility of Tickners Trailers Ltd. The customer must ensure that all loads inside the trailer are correctly balanced and secured and within the payload of that particular trailer. The customer must always ensure the trailer is correctly attached to the towing vehicle and is well balanced for towing. This includes the tow ball height on the towing vehicle. The trailer and all associated parts remain the property of Tickners Trailers Ltd until paid for in full.

If the trailer is in any way modified after delivery (other than approved modifications carried out by TICKNERS TRAILERS LTD then any warranty will be void.

We will inform you by e-mail/phone call once your trailer is ready for collection/delivery. If your trailer is not paid for in full and collected (or delivery arranged) we reserve the right to sell the trailer elsewhere. If the trailer is sold elsewhere we will deduct from your deposit before returning the same any losses incurred by us as a result of the trailer including loss of profit as a result of your breach of contract.

In the event of the trailer not being collected or delivery arranged 14 days after you are notified it is ready we will charge £10.00 per day for storage of the trailer until it is collected/delivered or sold as above.

No claims for consequential losses will be considered under any circumstances. Claimed defective products should be returned to our workshop carriage paid. Unless any fault is with Tickners Trailers Ltd there will be a charge for inspection, labour and materials/parts and any subsequent work involved.

Upon collection/delivery of your trailer you will be given the particulars for your trailer. It is advisable to take a copy of these for future reference if original paperwork is lost. We will post/email the associated paperwork if required to the original customer only.

Replacement invoices will sent for an administration fee of £10 inc vat
Replacement Certificates of Conformity will be sent for a fee of £20 inc vat
Replacement data plates will be sent for a fee of £35 inc vat

Warranty - Please refer to our TERMS AND CONDITIONS Your trailer comes with a 12 month return to base warranty from the date of purchase. At our discretion we will repair or replace a trailer found to have defective materials or workmanship at no charge. Damage due to overloading, use for a purpose other than that for which the trailer is designed, incorrectly balanced loads and lack of general maintenance will invalidate the warranty. Tyres are not covered by a warranty and all other trailer parts are covered under their separate manufacturers’ warranties.

All trailers and associated parts remain the property of Tickners Trailers Ltd until paid for in full.

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