Why a Go-Kart Trailer is the Ultimate Accompaniment to Your Track Day

16 Mar 2017, 9:01 AM



Accompaniment to Your Track Day

Go-kart racing is hugely popular and, with the thrills, the adrenaline, the dodging, darting and crashes involved, it's not hard to see why. It has helped to launch the careers of many professional racing drivers, all the way through to the Formula One elite.Investing in your sport is important if you want to take it seriously and part of this involves being able to take your go-kart with you to competitions and training days up and down the country. That's where having a go-kart trailer comes into the equation. The ultimate accompaniment to your track or race days, it is a crucial and practical part of being able to race.

so what is it exactly?

Essentially a go-kart trailer is a well-constructed trailer unit that can be attached to the back of your car or van. It is made of sturdy materials that can withstand all kinds of weather, is able to carry your karts and has a lot to offer.

Making the Right Choice

Single Axle

The single-axle box trailer is a larger option and has greater capacity. It can take payloads from 490kg and is also able to take a MGW of 750kgs unbraked. Easy to drive and navigate on the roads, it's a great solution for getting to race days.

Twin Axle

Choosing a twin-axle trailer will offer you rear barn doors, rear prop stands as well as grab handles and four tie rings. There is also a spare wheel and jockey wheel. You can choose from an array of exciting colour options and can also customise your trailer with your logo or branding. It has a MGW of 750kg unbraked and is built with sleek metal mudguards too.

Other Additions...

There are many optional extras that you can add to your trailer to make it exactly how you require, including different types of doors, tailgates and shutters.There are several other key ideas that you can take on board for your go-kart trailer, including adding an adjustable and removable shelving system so that you can take two karts with you to track days.
These are also multi-purpose and can be used as seats while you're waiting between races.

Additionally, you can add a tyre rack, which is particularly useful for carrying slicks, spares and wets. It fits in the front or on the sides. Also useful are door pockets, which means you can pop your spanners and other key items into the trailer for quick maintenance repairs on your kart while out and about. Finally, for any other kit required, you can add a front storage box - great for using as a luggage hold when going away for long periods of time or for extra equipment.

What are the Benefits of These Trailers?

Having a go-kart trailer will completely change your life; suddenly getting to races won't seem like an insurmountable challenge and you'll be able to transport your karts around easily, economically and quickly. They will be protected from damage and you'll be able to pack everything else you need to, with no need to leave anything behind.

It's an ideal storage solution for spare wheels, tyres, tools and equipment - meaning nothing will be forgotten or need to constantly be added or removed depending on where you are. Finally, it is customisable, meaning everyone will know who you are once you're on the road. Add your branding, phone number or any other information as a great way of creating a unique transport solution.

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